F1 Sling-Style Camera Strap

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The F1 Camera Strap — worn as a sling or neck strap — is stealthy, tough and fast!

From mil-spec nylon webbing and combat-proven acetal hardware — to attachments configured specifically for your camera — every element of the F1 is optimized for unmatched packability, bulletproof reliability, and lightning-fast adjustment.

Merging traditional looks with modern convenience, the F1 is built for photographers that prize stealthy understatement … and performance.

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Product Details

Not Just Another Neck Strap

Let’s be clear — the F1 functions beautifully as a neck strap — but it really shines when worn sling-style (cross-body).

The integral “adjustment tab” quickly tailors the strap length, without additional plastic or metal hardware. That’s especially useful when worn cross-body — because you can go from having the camera securely cinched up, for easy mobility — to having it slung low, for unhindered portrait or landscape shooting — just by pulling the tab.

Less to Get in the Way

A funny thing happened when we created our M1-Series quick-release camera straps — a lot of people who thought they needed quick-release put one on their camera — then never took it off! Inspired by this, we developed the F1…

As it turned out, a lot of people just wanted to get their old-fashioned chunky, clunky camera straps out of the way (Simplr straps are anything but). The F1 incorporates the M1a’s slim proportions and easy adjustability — without quick-release.

If you need quick-release, and have a smaller camera, consider our M1a. If you don’t, the F1 is much stronger and harder-wearing, without additional bulk. In fact, It’s strong enough to be used with any camera and lens you own.

Sleeker Attachment

We’re particularly proud of the attachment hardware used on the F1. Instead of a one-size-fits-all compromise, we’ve got mounting options optimized for your camera.

The barely-there lug mount version is built with our proprietary split rings, made out of a steel and magnesium alloy that’s 25% stronger than stainless steel. They always spring fully closed, and won’t squiggle off your camera.

Our version of the “traditional” flat mount utilizes a sliplok developed by aerospace engineers, for cameras being sent to … you guessed it … space. We also came up with a more streamlined installation method that tidies up loose ends.

Light, Strong & Built to Last

Materials used to make the F1 are similar to what you’d find on state-of-the-art expedition gear, where strength-to-weight ratio is critical, and exposure to the elements is no big deal (try that with a fancy leather strap).

The F1 is built to ridiculously high standards in our shop, right here in the US.

Wrist Strap in a Pinch

Loop the strap through the D-rings for a quick and effective wrist strap. Also great to get your strap up and out of the way when using a tripod (or just tie it in a knot — seriously).

Professional Reviews & Sightings

Fujixpassion.com Reviews the F1 Camera Strap

Here at Simplr HQ, we’re largely Fujifilm shooters — so it’s exciting to have one of our products reviewed over at fujixpassion.com. Here’s a snippet of their F1 review: “Everything in this strap is thought and designed for the user. It fulfills its function, it’s comfortable, robust and very durable. …It’s simple to use and with […]

Charlene Winfred Reviews her F1 at FujiLove.com

Charlene Winfred is a nomad photographer, videographer, writer, Fujifilm X-series ambassador and half the production team of Roaming Frame. As one of the first professional photographers who graciously volunteered to test our stuff, she’s been using Simplr straps out in the field for quite a while — so it’s not a huge surprise that she’s a […]

Patrick La Roque + GFX 50R + Our F1 Camera Strap

Fujifilm’s newly released GFX 50R video features Patrick La Roque’s lyrical words and imagery, and if you look closely, a lug mount Simplr F1 (in army khaki). It’s worth mentioning that, unlike the GFX 50S which uses the uncommon Hasselblad-style camera strap connectors, the rangefinder-style GFX 50R uses a standard lug mount!


Weight 1.6 oz
Best for

Medium Format Digital Camera, Full-Frame DSLR, Crop-Sensor DSLR, Mirrorless Camera, Small Mirrorless Camera, Micro Four-Thirds Camera, Compact DSLR, 35mm SLR, 35mm Rangefinder

Tensile Strength

80lbs (36kg)

Ideal Load

Connection Style

Connector Compatibility

Flat Mount, Lug Mount


Flat Mount: Heavy-Duty Acetal Sliplok & Keeper, Lug Mount: Steel/Magnesium Alloy Split-Rings


Adjustable from 36"–56" (91.4cm–142.2cm), Custom Lengths Available — Please Inquire


1" (25.4mm)


1.4oz (40g)


Mil-Spec Nylon Webbing, Heavy-Duty Acetal Hardware, UV-Resistant 100% Polyester Thread


High-Strength Bartack Stitching


Made in USA

14 Customer Reviews for F1 Sling-Style Camera Strap

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brian Lewis (verified owner)

    I have been using this daily on my X-Pro2 for about a month now. Functionally, it is perfect. Really, this is everything I ever wanted in a camera strap. I’ve been through several of the fashionable paracord/rope straps and they pale in comparison. If you are looking for function over form, this is the strap to have. I particularly like weaving it through itself and using it as a wrist strap.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael Charek (verified owner)

    I first became aware of Simplr when I read a review on the FujiLove site. I had been looking for a strap to replace the Peak Design Leash I had been using, to attach to a new quick-detach swivel connector on the camera. I emailed Simplr asking if I could order the F1 strap a little bit longer, and told JP, the owner, what I was trying to accomplish. He suggested altering the strap to connect it more directly to the swivel without hardware, and I immediately ordered one.

    The strap is simplicity itself. Made of rugged materials, with no metal hardware that might scratch a camera. I adjusts easily and stays put after adjustment. And it looks great. I picked the black color, which fits perfectly with a black Fuji X-H1.

    I can highly recommend Simplr for their products, their quality, and their willingness to work with their customer to tailor a strap to their needs.

    I will be ordering Simplr straps for my other photo equipment soon.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    lynn R (verified owner)

    What is nice about the F1 is that it simply disappears in use, other straps I have owned and used didn’t, I always found myself fiddling with them.

    The F1 is a strap that gets out of the way and lets me focus.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    csbloom (verified owner)

    With 40 years of taking pictures under my belt and over 20 cameras in use, I decided to try the Simplr F1 strap. My old favorites were from Tamrac and they were so overbuilt that even after 25 years they’re still in use I have and use custom straps from Gordy’s for some of my vintage cameras, a Monarch paracord strap, some newer Tamrac straps and some model specific straps from China that are dedicated to Rolleiflexes. I will never purchase a Peak design strap and will not attach any strap to the tripod mount and let it dangle around waist level. With that being said, my first Simplr F1 arrived in gray and immediately got attached to my Fujifilm XH-1. I travel frequently and I’m hiking outdoors a lot with a 100-400mm lens, a Rolleiflex and usually three other lenses. Weight, durability and comfort are all factors for me but so is space. The F1 strap is not only the lightest, it’s also the strongest strap I’ve used. It can also fold on itself and be reduced to nothing when packed in a camera bag or backpack. It’s also void of any rivets or unnecessary metal in its construction which means that unnecessary scrapes and scratches caused by strap will be avoided. That’s important too, especially with an 85-year old vintage Leica camera whose value could be affected considerably. Yes, it’s also very comfortable. The strap is a near-perfect balance of form and function. It really is. I’ve now purchased three and the super-strong split rings built into the F1 strap to improve some of my other straps. If there was an option for a “neckpad” or a simple band of the same nylon webbing that served only to keep the straps together that would be great but without it, it’s still the best. You won’t be disappointed and even if you already like the strap you’re using, the Simplr straps will be great for a change of pace.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Fernando Diehl (verified owner)

    Good product, excellent quality.
    I loved the simplicity and functionality, and the colors are so beautiful.
    It has just the necessary components, that make it easier to use, no excessive nor decorative pieces.
    I recommend the F1.
    I will buy a wrist model soon.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andrew (verified owner)

    I have the F1 lug mount strap which I use on a Fuji X-T20. While agreeing with the other reviews, I would like to emphasise the facility that allows quick and effective adjustment of the length of the strap. This allows you to quickly switch between sling and neck depending on the situation and also to quickly adjust where the camera sits; hip, waist or chest. I find this invaluable when out and about in the field particularly in crowds. It’s is a very well thought through product.

  7. Rated 4 out of 5

    Bruce (verified owner)

    The strap arrived just in time for me to travel to a wine region for the weekend. On inspection the strap is well made with plenty of stitching that is clean with no frills or dags, but provides plenty of strength where you need it.
    After many tries to attach the strap to my Fuji X-T20 with the 18-55 lense, my fingers got quite sore trying to pry the rings open to the lugs. A tool to use and open up the rings would be a good value add I believe.
    Otherwise, carrying the camera around and adjust the strap has been a breeze to use and given me so much more freedom is taking photos.
    Still a great outcome for me.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mel Hughes (verified owner)

    I have a love/hate relationship with straps to the point where all I have used for the past year have been leather wrist straps from Gordy. But as functional as a wrist strap is, at some time or the other I find myself needing a neck strap. I thought the Peak Design straps and quick releases might work but found them too fiddly and bulky under hand close to the camera. I also distrust their attachment cords. They went back to Peak Design. The adjustable Artisan & Artist Easy Slider I got worked OK but was still a bit thick under the hand or over the hand when handling the camera. When I read Charlene Winfred’s review of the F1 and looked at the photos, I thought it just might work for me. I ordered one and put it on my new X-T3. So far, it has exceeded all my expectations. It is simple, straightforward, strong, and extremely functional. The slider works as well or better than the old Artisan and Artist I have. Having the thinner straps as the connection to the camera cleans up the area around the right side, the right grip of the camera where most of the controls lie. I am going to leave the F1 on the X-T3 while I still have Gordy wrist straps on my X-E3, X-Pro2, and X-T2. It will take a bit longer to figure out which is going to work best for me. But if I have to have a longer, adjustable strap, the Simplr F1 is definitely the best I have found!

  9. Rated 4 out of 5

    Daniel (verified owner)

    So far, my impressions are,
    – Very lightweight. Quite a surprise since it’s lighter than the Peak Design Leash v2
    – Very, very compact, compared to the Peak Design Leash v2
    – Design and build is robust, inspires confidence
    – The way you have a thinner strap leading to a wider strap; this works really well. The strap stays out of my way when I grip the body, unlike the Artisan & Artist Easy Slider (ring attachment type) straps. This is what works on the Peak Design straps too.
    – No metal design = no scratching. Even the custom O rings are sized correctly; it’s difficult to contact the body when using the strap to hold up the camera.
    – That O ring is gold. It’s springy, it’s got great tension, it’s compact. Works even on an X100F sized body.
    – Wrist strap “hack” works well

    So far, it’s very comparable to the Leash v2, which is my current favourite strap.

    Only 1 thing bugs me but I need more time to see if this really turns into a bug; the thinner strap that attaches from the plastic D string to the custom metal O ring – it’s made of a softer material that already has a tiny bit of fraying. Even the act of threading the O ring thru the camera lugs can result in a few strands breaking. And God forbid this touches velcro. I can understand why this is a preferred material – it’s softer and very comfortable on the hands. Guess we can’t have everything.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5


    This F1 strap is terrific. I saw it on Palle Schultz You Tube where he was using it for video on an XT2 – so I tracked it down from the UK.
    It’s on an XT2. It beats having a ton of neoprene and plastic clips getting caught up on other straps and ending up like a black snake pit. Nothing to hook up on so when you take it out of your bag you get just the camera and not the binoculars, light meter, spare batteries etc… Then, you put it round your neck and it stays there not getting hooked on your jacket – Hey!
    Almost Zen like – if you can apply that to a camera strap – beautifully made. One is not enough, the other cameras are getting fidgety !

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Merlin E (verified owner)

    I want to compliment you on the excellence of the F1 in every regard, from workmanship to the lighter weight, less bulk, and far more maneuverability than the Op-Tech straps I have been using for decades.

    I am using the F1’s with both of my Fuji X-T2 bodies and a variety of lenses including the 18-55mm and 90mm.

    The F1 connectors (split rings) seem far more robust than the Op-Tech Mini QD loops on the M1’s. I have those connectors for my X30, but that camera (with a fixed 27-112mm zoom lens) weighs less than a pound with battery and SD card.

    Thanks again!

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ted R.

    This is a lovely strap and probably the most intuitive to adjust of any I’ve had. I’m using it on my A7 III and it’s a joy to go from carrying the camera tight against my body to being ready to shoot instantly.

    it’s a very well thought out product and seemingly very well made. I don’t anticipate I’ll be changing it any time soon.

    I also get a lot of compliments on the camo green color. It’s my first Simplr strap, but not my last!

  13. Rated 5 out of 5


    Less is more. I love this strap. I’ve been lugging my camera around remote western Alaska for the last several weeks and it’s been great. I don’t want to think about a damn strap. I just want it to work. The adjustment tab is great as I cycle through various layers of clothing as the weather changes every 15 minutes. Fleece and raingear and T-shirt’s.

    Simple. Clean. No snags. Understated on the street and rugged for a professional environment. It just works.

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jarvis Chen

    Everything is a bit more streamlined compared to the already incredibly sleek M1a, and the little keeper plastic tab is gone. For me, the new adjustment tab is a marked improvement as the straps are now attached from the underside at only a single point, rather than two. This allows the other side to loosely swing, be less rigid and makes adjustments a bit quicker. The D rings are also a bit sleeker, which is a subtle change but it makes all the hardware in line with each other in terms of proportions.

    Overall, this is my new favorite. I have purchased M1a’s for all my favorite cameras and a few more for friends, but I might start amassing some F1’s.

    If you have a street camera or keeping things small on your mirrorless, this is a no brainer–the best in the industry.

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