What type of connector does my camera have?

Flat Mount Camera Strap Connector

Flat Mount

Found on: most Canon; entry- and mid-level Nikon; Fujifilm X-H2(S), X-E4, GFX 50S (connect strap to Fuji-supplied attachment clips), X-T100, X-A Series; vintage Rolleiflex. Also known as slotted or rectangular mount.

Compatible with: flat mount F1

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Lug Mount Camera Strap Connector

Lug Mount

Found on: any camera that came with triangular or round split rings (remove them); most Fujifilm; pro-level Nikon; Leica; Olympus; Sony; most vintage 35mm cameras; Also known as round or ring mount.

Compatible with: lug mount F1 & F1ultralight

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