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Experience radical new standards of sleekness, speed and versatility — with straps designed just for mirrorless, rangefinder, M4/3, compact DSLR, and 35mm film cameras. Made in USA.


Simplr straps are uniquely designed for small, professional-grade cameras.

Simplr F1 Sling Style Camera Straps


The supremely versatile F1 is chosen by event, wedding, and street photographers that prefer to work discretely. Striking the ideal balance of comfort and breathtaking sleekness on most mirrorless, M4/3 or rangefinder cameras (or as a “minimal” strap on larger cameras), it even converts to a capable wrist strap in about 15 seconds.

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Simplr F1ultralight Camera Strap on Fuji X100


For today’s pint-size powerhouses, there’s no other strap like the F1ultralight. Similar to our F1, with even more feather-weight proportions, it’s tailor-made just for the latest generation of tiny fixed-lens cameras.

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The Simplr Way

Slim Proportions, Light Weight & Incredible Packability

Fast, Easy One-Slider Length Adjustment

Strength, Durability & Meticulous Made in USA Craftsmanship

Understated Appearance with Minimal Branding

30‑Day Returns & Lifetime Warranty

Made in USA

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