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Wired: Fujifilm X-T5 Review

Wired magazine has posted a wonderfully thorough review of the Fujifilm X-T5, referring to it as “…the best camera the company has ever made.” Nestled within this article, reviewer Scott Gilbertson reveals his preferred camera strap: “I prefer minimal straps like the Simplr F1, but for something included with the camera, Fuji’s strap is actually […]

Now Available at Akker Design, South Korea

Nobody knows Simplr straps better in South Korea than Akker Design.

Flemming Bo Jensen: Live Music + Fujifilm X-T5

In this official Fujifilm video, Flemming Bo Jensen, concert photographer extraordinaire, discusses how the X-T5 helps him capture the spirit and excitement of live music — while photographing Copenhagen-based singer/producer Saveus. “A camera is a tool for me. It needs to function purely on muscle memory, and become invisible.” Flemming is a long-time Simplr product abuser […]

Bert Stephani: Fujifilm X-T5

In this video, Bert Stephani discusses his love of portraiture, and shares his thoughts on the new Fujifilm X-T5. Bert has numerous Simplr straps, but the one seen attached to his X-T5 is a castor gray F1. *It’s worth noting that our recommendation for an X-T5 would generally be a lug mount F1 — but Bert is tall […]

Ben Staley: Until the Light Fades

Ben Staley is an Emmy-winning DP/Producer, gifted photographer, and hardcore adventurer. In Until the Light Fades, Ben brings us along on a desert adventure — accompanied by his prized Leica M6 and well-used Simplr camera strap (an olive green M1a … precursor to the F1).

Now Available at Westerly Camera & Darkroom

Owner Mark LaPriore brings his life-long passion for photography to Westerly Camera & Darkroom — a small camera shop, gallery and community darkroom — located in downtown Westerly, Rhode Island.

How do You Photograph the Gig of Your Dreams? with Flemming Bo Jensen

If your specialty is concert photography — 2020 and ’21 have not been your best years ever — until now that is, for one such photographer. Flemming Bo Jensen’s passion for music, and unmatched timing have made him on of the world’s finest live music photographers. When he was asked to photograph Danish band The […]

Now Available at B&H

What can we possibly say about B&H that hasn’t already been said? It’s simply the greatest camera store on planet earth. Now they have your favorite Simplr straps, in stock and ready to ship!  

Lens Stories: Fujifilm XF33mmF1.4 R LM WR with Bert Stephani

Fujifilm has just released a video featuring the very talented and knowledgeable Bert Stephani, detailing his experience with the Fujifilm XF33mmF1.4 R LM WR. Bert has numerous Simplr straps, but the one that cameos in this video is his Castor Gray F1.

Some Thoughts on the Fujifilm X-E4

Amongst our camera-herd here at Simplr, is a staff-favorite Fuji X-E2s. To give a little context — it was acquired brand new in late 2016, before the widely-held expectation that every camera should do everything — meaning, photos and cinema quality video. Even today, as a photo-making machine, the X-E2s is a tiny monster: superb [...]

Lens Stories: Fujifilm XF33mmF1.4 R LM WR with Charlene Winfred

There’s been a ton of excitement around the new Fujinon 33mm lens — and nobody’s better equipped to give impressions than Charlene Winfred — who’s spent years with the “original” Fujinon XF35mmF1.4 R practically glued to her camera. Alongside the new and old lenses, are some appropriately-matched new and old Simplr straps (Charlene’s been testing our […]

Joe D’Agostino: How to Create the Epic Panning Shot

Joe D’Agostino has a keen eye for color, a driving curiosity — and a real talent for shooting all manner of travel, documentary, street and event photography. In this short video, he walks us through settings for capturing the ultimate panning shot. Curious? Have a look and give it a try. Joe works with numerous camera […]

About Our Colors

Because we craft our own products, from materials made right here in the US, we don’t need to make thousands of camera straps at a time. With smaller production runs, comes the freedom to offer multiple colors! Unique Colors — in Limited Quantities To keep things fresh, we like to shake-up our colors from time […]

Stephen Escallier: Gear & Focus

Stephen Escallier is a hiking enthusiast — very knowledgeable about outdoor gear — with an impressive YouTube channel. In this video, he talks a little bit about his well-considered photography tools, including our F1 camera strap.

Jay Fei: What’s In My Camera Bag

Jay Fei is a passionate street photographer, sharing his photographic journey (from a self-professed enthusiastic amateur’s perspective) on his YouTube channel, JayRegular. He expresses fair and balanced thoughts on gear, particularly his Fuji X100V, and has a knack for explaining things in clear concise terms — so do check him out. In this video, he’s done […]

Fujinon XF35mmF1.4 R Product Video with Charlene Winfred

If you were to ask us which photographer we most closely associate with Fuji’s magical XF35mmF1.4 R, it would be Charlene Winfred. So it’s only fitting that Fujifilm themselves chose to feature her in their new promo video for this (not at all new) lens. In a world where newer is virtually always equated with […]

Ben Staley: Adventure & Art

Ben Staley is an Emmy-winning DP/Producer, gifted photographer, and hardcore adventurer (sometimes for pay, sometimes for play). Adventure & Art, Ben’s new YouTube channel, features (as you may have guessed) liberal helpings of both photography and adventure — a recipe Ben is uniquely qualified to serve up (he films Deadliest Catch for gosh sake). The […]

Convert Your F1 to a Wrist Strap

Quickly changing your F1 camera strap from a long sling-style strap to a traditional-length neck strap needs no explanation — but converting it to a wrist strap is less obvious. Watch this video to see how easy it is! Shorten the strap all the way. Loop it through the D-rings. There is no step 3. […]

Flemming Bo Jensen Reviews his Hard-Working F1’s

Longtime Simplr user Flemming Bo Jensen posted a review of his F1’s, describing them as his “perfect camera strap.” “…Simplr Straps answered our wishes by making the Simplr F1 strap! … I have been using the F1 models for more than a year now, for hundreds of concerts and festivals and I am never using […]

Bert Stephani: Fujifilm X100V “My Milestone”

Bert Stephani has been using the newly announced Fujifilm X100V for some two months now, amassing gorgeous top-secret images. In this video from Fujifilm, part of a series introducing the X100V, It would appear Bert’s M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap (in limited-edition Coyote Brown) has also been logging some top-secret time with this formerly mum cam. In addition […]

Camera Punk: Creating the Fujifilm X-Pro3

This epic production spans the 18-month period leading up to the release of the Fujifilm X-Pro3. The film focuses not only on the ideation, design, and manufacturing process (with the actual designers, pretty cool huh?) — but also the veritable “family” of Fujifilm Ambassadors — with whom the development of this camera was shaped. In […]

Now Available at Rigu, UK

Based in England’s Lake District, Rigu carries a great selection of camera accessories, with a focus on camera straps and bags. They’re now carrying the vast majority of our camera straps … exciting news for our friends in the UK (especially post-Brexit).

Fuji Girl Series: Mindy Tan, X-Pro3 & X-T3

Mindy Tan is an exceptionally talented documentary and street photographer, and Fujifilm Ambassador. In the the Fuji Girl series, Mindy talks about gear, technique, and what she looks for in her subjects. Unsurprisingly, the co-stars here are Fujifilm cameras, including X-T3 and gorgeous pre-release (as of filming) Fuji X-Pro3’s — and the co-co-star (does that make […]

Bert Stephani: One Month with a Fujifilm X-Pro3 Prototype

After a long hiatus from YouTube, The very talented and knowledgeable Bert Stephani has released a video detailing his experience with the long-awaited Fujifilm X-Pro3. Attached to that X-Pro3 is our M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap (in rarely seen coyote brown). We’re jealous!

Charlene Winfred Meets the Titan: The Fujifilm X-Pro3

Fujifilm X-Photographer Charlene Winfred is currently working in Iraq, advancing Preemptive Love’s noble mission, to provide assistance to refugees and residents of war-torn countries. Although she deserves a medal, it would appear she’s settled for a coveted Fujifilm X-Pro3. In this post, she shares her thoughts on the camera, as well as some truly breathtaking […]

Kevin Mullins Reviews the Fuji X-Pro3

Kevin Mullins, wedding & street photographer par excellence, reveals his thoughts on the highly anticipated Fujifilm X-Pro3, with which he’s been spending some top-secret time. We’re just happy to be along for the ride (that’s a Simplr F1 attached to it). He’s got a video and a detailed post — so be sure to check out […]

American Gear Guide: Camera Gear Made in the USA

American Gear Guide just published this: Camera Gear Made in the USA: Directory to 25 American Photography Brands. We’re in it, of course — and proud to be in the company of so many distinguished brands.

Patrick La Roque’s GF50mmF3.5 R LM WR

Patrick La Roque‘s ability to see the beautiful images living all around us is inspiring, to say the least. Here, he attaches the new GF50mmF3.5 R LM WR to his GFX 50R. Attaching the GFX 50R to Patrick, is our F1 Sling-Style Camera Strap. Maybe a little bit of his talent can be telegraphed to us, just […]

Flemming Bo Jensen’s Rig Rundown on

Flemming Bo Jensen’s ability to capture the excitement of live concerts is second-to-none. An official Red Bull and Fujifilm X-Photographer, his ability to get “the shot” boils down to experience, timing, skill, passion — and of course, his gear. Want to know what’s in Flemming’s bag? Shotkit just posted a rig rundown with all of […]

A Visual Journey: 7 Years of the XF35mm f/1.4

If you’re aware of Fuji’s team of professional X Photographers, you’re probably acquainted with Charlene Winfred. You might also be familiar with her famously battered Fujinon XF35mmF1.4. It’s been attached to every Fuji she’s ever owned. For as many times as she’s written about her gear and lenses, this will be the first time she’s discussed the […]

Fujicast, a Podcast from Kevin Mullins & Neale James

Fujicast is a Fujifilm and Photography Podcast presented by Neale James and Kevin Mullins. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Neale and Kevin are both incredibly accomplished shooters in multiple disciplines — wedding, street, documentary and video. To hear them talk shop with each other, and with a diverse crew of noteworthy guests, is […]

Hugo Pinho on Minimalism & His Sole Camera for 2019

Hugo Pinho is a talented documentary photographer with an extremely keen eye (check out his amazing images from Angola). As a connoisseur of several camera brands, Hugo’s desire to make his life simpler by paring down his photography gear, was no easy task. In this article, he talks about his camera and lens decision — an Olympus […]

Getting Close with the Fujifilm XF18mm f/2

Charlene Winfred is a talented photographer and capable wordsmith. If you know her work, you’ll know much of it relies on a famously battered Fujinon 35mm f/1.4. In this article at, Charlene discusses her adjustment to a much wider perspective, namely the Fujinon 18mm f/2. Look closely at that fine looking X-T3 and you’ll […]

Patrick La Roque (with a then prototype Simplr F1) at Photokina 2018

The multi-talented Patrick La Roque appeared at Photokina 2018 in Cologne, Germany to discuss his unique approach to commercial photography. Accompanying Patrick was his up-until-then top-secret Fujifilm GFX 50R — adorned with a secret Simplr F1. A huge “thank you” to Patrick, and the entire extended Simplr pro family, who volunteer to test our stuff — […] Reviews the F1 Camera Strap

Everything in this strap is thought and designed for the user. It fulfills its function, it’s comfortable, robust and very durable. … It’s simple to use and with the adjustment tab you can quickly change the length to suit your needs, regardless of whether you wear it as a neck strap or sling-style. Read the […]

Kevin Mullins Discusses his Street Photography Gear

Check out this informative video from the very talented Kevin Mullins, wherein he talks about his typical street photography setup. Attached to Kevin’s Fujifilm X70 (at 12:25) is a Simplr M1ultralight, our uniquely nano-size full-function camera strap. Reviews the F1 Camera Strap

Here at Simplr HQ, we’re largely Fujifilm shooters — so it’s exciting to have one of our products reviewed over at Here’s a snippet of their F1 review: “Everything in this strap is thought and designed for the user. It fulfills its function, it’s comfortable, robust and very durable. …It’s simple to use and with […]

Charlene Winfred Reviews her F1 at

Charlene Winfred is a nomad photographer, videographer, writer, Fujifilm X-series ambassador and half the production team of Roaming Frame. As one of the first professional photographers who graciously volunteered to test our stuff, she’s been using Simplr straps out in the field for quite a while — so it’s not a huge surprise that she’s a […]

Patrick La Roque + GFX 50R + Our F1 Camera Strap

Fujifilm’s newly released GFX 50R video features Patrick La Roque’s lyrical words and imagery, and if you look closely, a lug mount Simplr F1 (in coyote brown). It’s worth mentioning that, unlike the GFX 50S which uses the uncommon Hasselblad-style camera strap connectors, the rangefinder-style GFX 50R uses a standard lug mount!

A Circuitous & Sentimental Fuji Journey

As far back as I can remember, my dad took photos. Not just casual family snaps either — he attended photography classes at our local community college, developing and printing artful imagery. He had what I think was a GAF L-CM early on (I only know this because it appears in mirror self-portraits), and at some point […]

F1 Featured on The Phoblographer publishes a ton of great content for photographers trying to elevate their craft, or just keep up with the latest and greatest new photography gear. We’re always super-excited when they feature our latest — currently the F1 Sling-Style Camera Strap. Read the full article here.

Install a Lug Mount F1 Series Strap, or Split Rings

*If you’re just installing Simplr Split Rings, not an F1 camera strap, you can skip straight to 1:07 in this video. Mounting a camera strap with split rings is just like putting a key on a keychain — but instead of a key, it’s a camera. Situate your Lug Mount F1 or F1ultralight so the […]

Install a Flat Mount F1

The flat mount version of our F1 camera strap installs similarly to a “traditional” camera strap, with a significant difference — the sliplok and keeper are used only for installation, not to adjust the length of the camera strap. Situate your F1 so the adjustment tab is in front of your body when the camera strap […]

Care & Feeding of your Simplr Strap

Recently, one of our customers returned from a two-week photojournalism assignment aboard a working cargo ship, and asked how to clean a smelly, dirty Simplr strap. There’s no need to baby it — because your Simplr strap isn’t afraid of the elements. Just throw it in a bowl of lukewarm water with a little laundry […] Reviews the M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap

We’ve made it no secret that, although our straps work well on virtually all mirrorless cameras, we’ve got a particular affinity for Fujifilm cameras. So, we were pretty excited to be reviewed by Here’s a snippet: “As soon as I took out the M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap from the packaging, the first thing that […]

Patrick La Roque Reviews his Simplr Camera Straps

Patrick La Roque is a photographer, writer, speaker, and member of the Kage Collective. He’s a remarkable visual storyteller, who’s work could equally evoke calm or frenzy, warmth or solitude. Here’s a little of what Patrick thinks about his M1a & M1w: “…Basically, these are products that don’t flash or glitter, that don’t call attention […]

Palle Schultz Reviews the Fuji X-H1 & our M1a has a Cameo

Coinciding with the release of Fujifilm’s new X-H1, Palle Schultz discusses this camera’s capabilities in both technological — and real world terms — as only Palle can. You may recognize Palle’s strap of choice — our very own M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap (in Castor Gray)! Palle Schultz is a photographer and videographer based in Denmark, […]

M1a on ShotKit’s “Best Camera Straps” List Again for 2018

The Simplr M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap has been named to Shotkit’s newly updated 2018 Best Camera Straps list: “With many camera strap manufacturers trying to revolutionise the humble camera strap with the addition of crazy gadgets and gizmos, it’s nice to see some brands trying to perfect what we already have by keeping things simple. The aptly […]

Flemming Bo Jensen Reviews his M1a Mirrorless Camera Straps

Flemming Bo Jensen is a music photographer … More specifically, he’s known for his uncanny ability to capture the concertgoer experience at live music venues. Whether small, huge, beautiful or chaotic — Flemming distills it into gorgeous still images. Flemming reviews his dueling M1a camera straps: What I like about the Simplr M1a strap… This […]

M1w Debuts on The Phoblographer publishes a ton of great content for photographers trying to elevate their craft, or just keep up with the latest and greatest new photography gear. Speaking of the latest, we’re super-excited that they’ve chosen to talk about our new M1w Mirrorless Wrist Strap. Read the full article here.

Kevin Mullins’ Fujifilm X-Pro2 4K Video

The very talented Kevin Mullins from just released a new video with his thoughts on the X-Pro2 firmware 4.0 update, including new video features. He also talks about some new X100F features (and we’re tickled he’s outfitted his favorite camera with an M1a).

Fujifilm Presents “Dual Vision” (but just one camera strap)

Fujifilm Global just released this video featuring the Roaming Frame dynamic duo of Charlene Winfred and Flemming Bo Jensen — plus their dueling X-Pro2 and X-T2 cameras. It’s a fun but informative piece talking about the differences between these two cameras, and the photographers that use them. Watch closely and you’ll see they both prefer the same camera strap […]

Charlene Winfred Reviews Her M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap

Charlene Winfred is a nomad photographer, videographer, writer, Fujifilm X-series ambassador and half the production team of Roaming Frame. Charlene’s approach to equipment epitomizes what we’re about here at Simplr: No muss. No fuss. Things should just work, work well, and keep working … without too much thought. She even came up with a couple of […]

M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap Blessed by Bless This Stuff

Bless This Stuff curate all manner of manly stuff. For instance, right now our M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap is surrounded by a Ducati Panigale V4, some kind of intense coffee maker, and a 1965 Porsche 356. “If you´re looking for a new camera strap that is both functional and stylish without breaking the bank, check out […]

The Phoblographer Hates Highly Recommends our M1a

It’s not often you read a review that starts with the word “fugly” … and concludes with this: “In terms of functionality, the Simplr M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap has to be one of the best straps from a small American manufacturer on the market. I’m pleasantly surprised despite how simple and deceiving it looks. Can it […]

Kevin Mullins’ Fujifilm X-E3 Review (plus a few words about his M1a)

Kevin Mullins is a highly regarded UK wedding photographer. In addition to his impressive professional wedding portfolio, he also runs the popular site, dedicated to his personal work and all things Fuji. Kevin recently posted his thoughts on the Fujifilm X-E3 … and we’re happy to report that it pairs nicely with the Simplr M1a […]

Palle Schultz’s Video Rig … with a Simplr M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap

Palle Schultz is a photographer and videographer based in Denmark, and an official Fujifilm X-photographer. In this video Palle talks about his compact video rig … including a Fujifilm XT-2, and a Simplr M1a camera strap, for stabilization and insurance against accidental drops. “I really like it because it’s easy to snap off, and the ends […]

Bert Stephani Reviews his M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap

*This review is for our now discontinued M1a, succeeded by our F1. Bert Stephani posts his thoughts on his M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap, along with some excellent images. He’s a Belgian commercial and editorial photographer, an official Fujifilm X-photographer, and member of The KAGE Collective — an international group of visual story tellers. “I have been looking for […]

The Swiss Train Intercom

Some years back, I embarked on a week-long hiking excursion in Switzerland. My expectation was that I’d see lots of mountains, vast green pastures, goats with bells, and quaint Swiss cottages. What I hadn’t grasped, was the extent to which design pervades almost every aspect of Swiss culture. Now, it’s no secret that Switzerland holds design […]

A Show of Strength

This is what we do for fun around the office. Here’s a Simplr M1a with 35lbs (nearly 16 kilos) hanging from it. And that’s off of one connector … Remember you’ll have two attached to your camera. We wouldn’t advise carrying a 35lb camera/lense combo on this strap, but when you’ve got a 2.5lb rig, it’s […]

DIY Quick-Release Paracord Camera Wrist Strap with Instructions

So you want to make a paracord camera wrist strap. Great! We love DIY. It’s how Simplr began — making one strap for myself. A Short Rant on What’s Wrong with Most Camera Wrist Straps (opinionated) Just as our camera straps are a little “different”, so too is our suggestion for a DIY paracord wrist […]

An Introduction to Mini QD Loops™

The quick-connectors we use on our M1a and M1w straps are Op/Tech USA Mini QD Loops™ (They come in 1mm and 1.5mm versions, but we only use the stronger 1.5mm version). We’re often asked if they release accidentally. We’re happy to report, we’ve never seen or heard of this happening. To release them, you have to apply significant […]

How to Attach Mini QD Loops™ to Cameras with Split Rings

Unless you’re 100% certain that your camera has smooth lugs, it’s best that you attach Mini QD Loops via split rings. Furthermore, we suggest that you use ours, as they’re uniquely designed to work beautifully with the cord loops (much better than the triangular ones). 1. Thread the cord loop through the split ring. 2. […]

How to Attach Mini QD Loops™ to Cameras without Split Rings

Before attaching Mini QD Loops directly to strap lugs, read this important post: Strap Lug Inserts: What are they and why should I care? Unless you’re 100% certain that your camera has smooth lugs, it’s best that you attach Mini QD Loops via split rings, as outlined here. 1. Thread the cord loop through the strap […]

Strap Lug Inserts: What are they and why should I care?

What They Are Strap lug inserts are hardened metal “sleeves” located inside strap lugs. They’re meant to reduce metal-on-metal wear caused when hard steel split rings rub against softer metal lugs. Some cameras have strap lug inserts and some don’t. Fujifilm cameras are notorious for having potentially jagged strap lug inserts, and all modern Fuji cameras including […]

Removing Strap Lug Inserts from Fujifilm Cameras (Optional)

If you’ve got a Fujifilm camera, and you’d like to attach your Mini QD Loops directly to your camera, you might* be able to remove your strap lug inserts to reveal a smoother point of attachment. Please note that if you scratch a strap lug during this procedure, you could very easily make them sharper than […]

Meet Simplr

When I got my first mirrorless camera, a Fujifilm X-Pro1, I was excited to ditch my bloated DSLR. For the first time in years, I had a reasonably-sized camera with truly professional image quality — and I was excited to pair it with the exact right strap. 30 years prior, When I “borrowed” my dad’s camera […]