F1 Sling-Style Camera Strap

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The F1 Camera Strap — worn as a sling or neck strap — is stealthy, tough and fast!

From mil-spec nylon webbing and combat-proven acetal hardware — to attachments configured specifically for your camera — every element of the F1 is optimized for unmatched packability, bulletproof reliability, and lightning-fast adjustment.

Merging traditional looks with modern convenience, the F1 is built for photographers that prize stealthy understatement … and performance.

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Product Details

Not Just Another Neck Strap

Let’s be clear — the F1 functions beautifully as a neck strap — but it really shines when worn sling-style (cross-body).

The integral “adjustment tab” quickly tailors the strap length, without additional plastic or metal hardware. That’s especially useful when worn cross-body — because you can go from having the camera slung low (for unhindered portrait or landscape shooting), to having it securely cinched up (for easy mobility) — just by pulling the tab.

Less to Get in the Way

A funny thing happened when we created our M1-Series quick-release camera straps — a lot of people who thought they needed quick-release put one on their camera — then never took it off! Inspired by this, we developed the F1…

As it turned out, people just wanted to get their old-fashioned chunky, clunky camera straps out of the way (Simplr straps are anything but). The F1 incorporates the M1a’s slim proportions and easy adjustability — without quick-release.

If you need quick-release, and have a smaller camera, consider our M1a. If you don’t, the F1 is much stronger and harder-wearing, without additional bulk. In fact, It’s strong enough to be used with any camera and lens you own.

Light, Strong & Built to Last

Materials used to make the F1 are similar to what you’d find on state-of-the-art expedition gear, where strength-to-weight ratio is critical, and exposure to the elements is no big deal (try that with a fancy leather strap).

We’re particularly proud of the attachment hardware used on the F1: The traditional flat mount version utilizes a sliplok developed by aerospace engineers, for cameras being sent to space. The streamlined lug mount version uses our proprietary split ring, made out of a steel and magnesium alloy that’s 25% stronger than stainless steel.

The F1 is built to ridiculously high standards in our shop, right here in the US.

A Convenient Wrist Strap Too

Loop the strap through the D-rings for a quick and effective wrist strap. Also great to get your strap up and out of the way when using a tripod (or just tie it in a knot — seriously).


Best for

Medium Format Digital Camera, Full-Frame DSLR, Crop-Sensor DSLR, Mirrorless Camera, Small Mirrorless Camera, Micro Four-Thirds Camera, Compact DSLR, 35mm SLR, 35mm Rangefinder

Tensile Strength

Lug Mount: at Least 100lbs (45kg), Flat Mount: at Least 65lbs (30kg)

Ideal Load

Connection Style

Connector Compatibility

Flat Mount, Lug Mount


Flat Mount: Heavy-Duty Acetal Sliplok & Keeper, Lug Mount: Steel/Magnesium Alloy Split-Rings


Adjustable from 36"–56" (91.4cm–142.2cm), Custom Lengths Available — Please Inquire


1" (25.4mm)


1.4oz (40g)


Mil-Spec Nylon Webbing, Heavy-Duty Acetal Hardware, UV-Resistant 100% Polyester Thread


High-Strength Bartack Stitching


Made in USA

1 Customer Review for F1 Sling-Style Camera Strap

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jarvis Chen

    Everything is a bit more streamlined compared to the already incredibly sleek M1a, and the little keeper plastic tab is gone. For me, the new adjustment tab is a marked improvement as the straps are now attached from the underside at only a single point, rather than two. This allows the other side to loosely swing, be less rigid and makes adjustments a bit quicker. The D rings are also a bit sleeker, which is a subtle change but it makes all the hardware in line with each other in terms of proportions.

    Overall, this is my new favorite. I have purchased M1a’s for all my favorite cameras and a few more for friends, but I might start amassing some F1’s.

    If you have a street camera or keeping things small on your mirrorless, this is a no brainer–the best in the industry.

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