Care & Feeding of your Simplr Strap

Waterproof Leica with Waterlogged M1a camera strap

Recently, one of our customers returned from a two-week photojournalism assignment aboard a working cargo ship, and asked how to clean a smelly, dirty Simplr strap.

There’s no need to baby it — because your Simplr strap isn’t afraid of the elements. Just throw it in a bowl of lukewarm water with a little laundry detergent or Dawn dishwashing liquid, then soak or scrub as much as needed to get the job done. Hang ‘er up to dry. (Don’t try that with your fancy leather camera strap.)

Another way to “refresh” your M1 Series camera strap is to replace the cord loops which attach it to your camera. Just as you check the tires on your car from time to time for wear, you should check the Mini QD Loops on your Simplr strap. It’s pretty simple really … loosen them up a little bit and take a close look. If they look “fuzzed-up” it’s time to replace them. They’re inexpensive, and we’ve always got ’em.