Which strap should I get?

1. First off, is Simplr the right brand for you?

Does this sound like you?

“I prefer small, stealthy cameras, and mostly prime lenses.”

“I want a strap that’s quick and easy to adjust.”

“I want minimal bulk, especially around my hand.”

“I’m cool with modern, lightweight materials.”

“I value understatement, and not calling attention to myself.”

Verdict: Yes! You’ll dig our stuff.

Does this sound like you?

“I only use ‘professional’ DSLR’s and f/2.8 zooms.”

“Adjust my strap? Why would I do that?”

“I’ll just put my hand under that big attachment thingy.”

“It’s gotta be leather, rope and metal!”

“I want to look like a ‘professional’ photographer.”

Verdict: No. Don’t even bother.

2. Expert Recommendations


Best Overall: F1

For the vast majority of photographers, F1 is the way to go. No question. Superior to our M1 Series in almost every way — it’s faster, stronger, more versatile, more durable, quicker and easier to adjust. It even converts into a capable wrist strap in about 15 seconds.

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Simplr F1ultralight Camera Strap

Tiny: F1ultralight

For today’s pint-size professional cameras, there’s no other strap quite like the F1ultralight. Nearly as tough as our F1 (that’s saying a lot), with feather-weight proportions, it’s tailor-made for the latest generation of tiny cameras (like the Fuji X100 and Sony RX1R series).

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M1 Series quick-release mirrorless camera strap neck and wrist strap

Quick-Release: M1 Series

Photographers and videographers that often need to remove their strap (see section 3, below) — for example, to place their camera into a video cage or onto a gimbal — and have a camera that’s around 2.5 lbs or less, should check out our M1 Series, including our M1a and M1 Field Kit.

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3. Do you need quick-release? (The answer may surprise you.)

The Chicken or the Egg

When we launched — with our quick-release M1 Series Camera Straps, designed for smaller cameras — customers raved … but what they didn’t do surprised us: Over and over, they told us “I never take it off my camera.”

It seems the trend toward bigger, bulkier camera straps … which resulted from the desire for sling-style straps and quick-release … made people want to remove their camera straps more … which made them assume they need quick-release … because camera straps are so big and bulky …

Take away the bulk, and the desire for quick-release usually goes away.

Rethink What’s Necessary: F1

Based on all the feedback, we set out to make the sleekest, most versatile and functional straps ever created for mirrorless, micro four-thirds and compact cameras — the F1 Series.

Without the design constraints of quick-release hardware, F1 improves on the original M1 Series in almost every imaginable way: more streamlined, quicker adjustment, and much tougher. Also, if you’re lucky enough to have a lug-mount camera, it’s about as close as you can get to holding a naked camera.

F1 camera strap detail
F1 — It’s there when you need it, but never gets in the way.

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