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Seeking the antidote for elaborate and bulky wrist straps (seriously, we make neck straps that pack smaller), we set our sights on creating the most functional, no-nonsense quick-release wrist strap ever… the M1w Mirrorless Wrist Strap.

Weighing-in right around a third of an ounce, the M1w makes a great always-on companion for stealthy cameras like the Fujifilm X-E3, Ricoh GR, Canon PowerShot G, or Olympus PEN. It’s also ideal as a safety tether for your larger camera, any time you prefer shooting without a neck strap.

The M1w uses the same quick-release connector as our M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap, so you can swap them effortlessly… wrist strap to neck strap (or back) in seconds.

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Not Too Big. Not Too Small.

Finding a wrist strap that’s not ridiculously big for your mirrorless camera is no easy task. The M1w uses 1/2″ wide (12.7mm) mil-spec-style nylon webbing that distributes the weight of smaller cameras, and protects your larger camera from unexpected drops — without feeling like you’re handcuffed to it.

Easy to Put On, Adjust & Remove

No more wrestling with stubborn adjusters … Ours is easy to slide, but grippy enough to stay in place until you move it. “Set it and forget it” or cinch it a little smaller once it’s on — whichever you prefer.

Accommodates All Size Hands

Unlike wrist straps that use a “lasso” design, which get longer when sized for small wrists and shorter when sized for large wrists (the exact opposite of what’s ideal), ours always stays the same length. And if you’ve got gigantic hands, you can remove the adjuster altogether.

Light, Strong & Built to Last

Materials used to make the M1w are similar to what you’d find on state-of-the-art expedition gear, where strength-to-weight ratio is critical (here’s a strength test), and exposure to the elements is no big deal.

The M1w is built to ridiculously high standards in our U.S. shop, from domestic and imported materials.

M1w + M1a = Mirrorless Camera Strap Bliss

Combine the M1w wrist strap with the M1a neck strap, and you’ve got a dynamic duo that’s ready for any situation, and packs small. Because they use the same OpTech Mini QD Loop connector, you can swap them in seconds.


Tensile Strength

44lbs (20kg)


Opening Adjustable up to 7" (18.4cm)


0.5" (12.7mm)


0.3oz (8.5g)


Commercial Version of Mil-Spec Nylon Webbing, Heavy-Duty Acetal Plastic Hardware, UV-Resistant 100% Polyester Thread


Bar-Tacked, Double-Stitched


Quick-Release, Op/Tech USA Mini QD Loop™ with 1.5mm Nylon Cord, Tensile-Strength: 44 Pounds (20kg)


Limited Lifetime Warranty




Made in USA from Domestic and Imported Materials

3 Customer Reviews for M1w Mirrorless Wrist Strap

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Lightweight, totally modular and interchangeable with the Simplr M1A shoulder straps, the M1w is a no-brainer purchase for those times you want to go super-lightweight. I use it on my Sony A6300 for street shooting. Other wrist strap set-ups have a buckle in the way where your hand wraps around the camera and are a hassle to take on and off, this is geniusly well…simple.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jarvis Chen

    My favorite wrist strap.

    The M1w is my favorite wrist strap for everything from a Ricoh GR II, Sony RX100 V, to Sony A6500, and even the A7RII.

    The most important three aspects of a wrist strap is convenience, customization, and flexibility. There are many strap options on the market that are able to satisfy one or two of the three, but not all of them at the same time. Too often, a strap will feel secure, but not dexterous, or be flexible, but not secure; the M1w does it all.

    The strap is incredibly easy to secure and dial in a proper fit, you can simply set your desired hold point and it will stay there until you want to make the loop tighter or looser. Its nylon webbing is flexible, waterproof, and easy move your wrists around; perfect for street photography, where you have to be a bit loose with your positioning.

    Another great aspect of the design is fact that you can quickly disconnect the strap from the camera and set it down or hand off your camera to someone else; the entire thing is perfectly modular and works well with the Simplr shoulder strap. You can have two quick connect lugs on your camera for the shoulder strap and you can quickly take out the two straps, snap in the wrist strap on your desired hand and get going. Because the connection point to the camera is a thin loop, you will never worry about scratching your camera because of metal loops or other attachments that other, bulkier, wrist straps have. You can actually remove your metal lugs (circle or triangle) from your camera and attach the the wrist strap directly to the camera for more silent operation.

    As a bonus the loop attachments will fit anything from a full frame camera to a compact camera.

    Overall, this is my favorite wrist strap and I will be purchasing more for myself and as gifts for my photography buddies.

    I also highly recommend the M1a shoulder/neck strap!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    The Simplr promise with regular camera straps extends to their wrist straps. I’ve tried a number of wrist straps throughout the years, for regular urban shooting, and none of them sat quite right, or were too finicky, or got in the way. I’ve used the wrist strap with both the Fujifilm X-E3 and the X-Pro2 cameras with the Fujinon prime lenses on each body, and it works a treat: smoothly, without fuss, enabling me to do my work without a hitch. Thumbs up!

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