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Strap Lug Inserts: What Are They and Why Should I Care?

Before attaching your Simplr camera strap, it’s important to know if you’ve got strap lug inserts.

Their purpose is to reduce lug wear caused by metal-split rings. A handful of camera manufacturers have used them over the years. (For instance, if you’ve got a Fujifilm camera from the last couple years, you’ve definitely got strap lug inserts.)

They look like this:

The problem is, the edges of these inserts can be jagged. If you install your strap directly onto the strap lug, the insert can eventually damage the attachment string.

Installation Options for Cameras with Strap Lug Inserts

If your camera has strap lug inserts, you have two options when attaching your Simplr strap:

  1. Leave the insert where it is and use the metal split-ring that came with your camera. The string will be attached to the split-ring.
  2. Remove the insert (being careful not to gouge the strap lug). Confirm that there are no sharp edges. The string can now be attached directly to the lug.

(*As a suggestion, start out with #1 and try that for a while.)

Ready to install your strap?

Once you’re ready to attach your Mini QD Loops™, continue to: How to Attach Mini QD Loops™ to Your Camera

Do you have strap lug inserts, but want to remove them?

Here are some informative links we’ve gathered from the interwebs which address the removal of strap lug inserts:

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How to Attach Mini QD Loops™ to Your Camera

Before attaching Mini QD Loops™, read Strap Lug Inserts: What Are They and Why Should I Care? to figure out what connection point to use on your camera (split-rings vs. strap lugs).

1. Thread small cord loop through connection point on camera. It might help to use a piece of string or dental floss.

2. Thread mini quick-disconnect through opening of loop.

3. Pull mini quick-disconnect to cinch the loop.